Lawn Fertilizing Services

Your lawn needs a balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and secondary nutrients such as sulfur and iron to be healthy. Nitrogen encourages strong, green blade growth; phosphorus aids in the development of roots and sustained top growth; lastly an adequate supply of potassium enhances resistance to disease and increases plant vitality. We recommend a single application of very slow release fertilizer applied in early spring to keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the growing season. The slow release nature of the product encourages an even growth pattern throughout the year and helps eliminate annoying rapid growth spurts. A consistent fertilizer program is also part of a good defense against lawn disease and weeds. This is especially important in Colorado where heavy clay soils may mean that available nutrients are often biologically unavailable to lawns. 

Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

A yearly application of fertilizer on your shrubs and trees helps ensure their continued good health. This treatment is not entirely seasonally dependent so you can begin the program anytime from early growing season to mid-year. Call or email Olson Lawn Care today for more information on our fertilizer packages and which package is best for you.