Weed Control & Spray Programs

Olson Lawn Care is licensed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture as a commercial applicator.  As such, we are able to offer a full array of weed control programs to meet your needs.

Colorado lawns are plagued by the weeds commonly found in lawns all across the country--dandelions, crab grass, etc.  But in addition, Colorado is also home to some fast growing, rapidly spreading annuals and perennials that can quickly take over your entire yard, including non-lawn areas such as gravel and mulch.

The best method of weed control is prevention.  A spring pre-emergent spray containing products for both broadleaf and weedy grasses will create a chemical barrier and prevent their germination in your lawn and non-lawn areas for six to eight months. A one-time follow up spray to control stubborn perennials and the occasional annual that finds a break in the barrier is included with the pre-emergent package. 

Combined with proper fertilizing, watering, and mowing, weed control will help you maintain a healthy, thriving lawn and landscape.

All weed control operations are performed under the direction of a qualified supervisor.  

Olson Lawn Care Steps to a Weed Free Landscape 

  1. Annual pre-emergent spray in lawn and non-lawn areas
  2. Touch up weed spray as needed in the fall